What to bring to a shoot…

It’s your photo shoot I have put together a few tips and guidelines to try and make sure you make the most of it. Don’t be scared to suggest ideas etc i really want you to be happy with your images and make sure you walk away with what you wanted…..

What to bring to the shoot
  • Selection of clothes (better to have more and not use them than to not have enough)
  • bright colours, girls especially vibrant colours really help and make images striking
  • high heels, girls these help you pose, and make legs look great, even for gym shoots
  • any accessories or props you want
  • any oils, sheen’s etc
  • Studio shoots if your driving and want to bring any D/B’s etc feel free

Tips for the day of the shoot

  • do not wear any tight clothing (this can mark the skin)
  • do not wear sunglasses, baseball caps, socks etc (all can mark skin)
  • if you are having MUA at shoot, do not do your make up the MUA will only need to remove this before doing your make up
  • if you are doing your own make up, let me know if you would prefer to arrive early to do it or turn up with it done

Before the shoot

  • stick to whatever ┬áplan you have to peak
  • if your are looking good, don’t worry about changing anything
  • depending on the look you want shave body hair as appropriate
  • make sure you use a tanning product you have used before so you have no surprise’s on the day
  • practise posing, I will give as much direction as possible on the day, but the more you have practised the more natural you will look.
  • collect images you like, poses, lighting styles etc

I have started a youtube show sharing modelling tips etc so that may also offer some advice

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