Sophia Loren inspired Photoshoot

  • January 29, 2015

Every year I start off as i’m sure many fellow photographer’s do with the aim to do more personal projects. When we are so busy it’s really hard to make time for personal work, this year i’m determined to produce some personal projects. I have wanted to do this shoot for a very long time, my better half “Carla Curva” looks a little like the Italian Movie Star  “Sophia Loren”. For this shoot we wanted to use Sofia as inspiration for a classically inspired shoot. We have not tried to copy the image exactly but more to try and capture it’s style and essence. An incredibly simple lighting set up with one light, and white backdrop. Vicky Ngari Wilson doing a fantasist job on hair & make up.

Here is our finished image.


Here is a short behind the scenes video showing the shoot.


and also some behind the scenes pics

Here are the images side by side


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