Looking Back Moving 4ward 2014

  • January 8, 2014

About a week late but Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2014, I know this is often a time for resolutions and goal setting for people. This started me thinking about what I want to achieve this year, I have always been a very goal orientated person, sometimes to my own detriment. Now that may seem contradictory, so how does been goal orientated become detrimental. I have had a fantastic year both professionally and personally, but because I am so focussed on doing my absolute best or progressing to the next goal I never take time to enjoy the journey. So I guess that is the most important thing heading into 2014 for me, is to appreciate the moment, otherwise you don’t realise how great things are until you look back on them. Don’t work I still have a big list of goals and projects for the next 12 months, and will be sharing them all on here as they happen. Just wanted finish off by thanking everyone who has supported me and worked with over the past year, I am very lucky to have such a great team behind me and have a fantastic list of clients that continue to book me. With out all you guys I wouldn’t have to opportunity to do what I do, so here’s to a fantastic 2014 all round.

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