Christian Howard

  • May 6, 2014

It seemed apt to celebrate Christian Howard’s Birthday and the much anticipated release of his lead role in Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist to pop up a blog with some never seen before pics. My brother christian is one of the first people to get me into photography and support me as I pursued it. He was also one of the first models I ever shot, will have to post some of them up at some point. These shots are from an impromptu shoot along the Thames in London this past summer, and something of a different style to a lot of the sports shots I post. Check out the gallery below.

for more information check out Christian’s Facebook page here and Twitter: @christmashoward

also make sure you check out the live action adaptation of Street Fighter staring Christian Howard, Directed by Joey Ansah. I have been watching the progress of this passion project for years, and fans will not be disappointed. This trailer alone has had  over  500,000 views in 10 days……


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