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IMG_4326I never set out to become a photographer, I guess you naturally fall into what you are passionate about. After finishing my Bachelors degree in design I worked a number of jobs before eventually winning a placement to work in design, and then progressing to sales. Throughout this time I had always pursued other interests, modelling, acting, presenting and photography. About 5 years ago, my life went through massive period of change, and when I had to opportunity to return to my sales job I realised it wasn’t for me, fortunately I had been able to make a living with just my hobbies to support me.

This gave me the opportunity to pursue these full time, and really immerse myself in them. I started to realise that I enjoyed photography the most, and through my quick success this seemed like the obvious choice. I am essentially self taught but was lucky enough to have a great mentor early on. Due my contacts and understanding from modelling, I was able to produce images that people wanted, so my work has been extensively published.

Becoming a photographer was so organic and natural I had already landed national magazine covers before I even started to think of myself as a photographer. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy rapid success and have had numerous magazine features, adverts, covers etc. As I progress and my style becomes more individual and apparent I am flattered at how many companies approach me wanting “my look”.

Although starting to photograph predominately fitness as that is the industry I have been passionate about for over 20years, I am lucky enough to move into numerous other fields and do a lot more commercial work. I have been photographing a lot more entertainment, portraits and movie stills lately.

I love working in a creative industry where every day is different, every brief is different, and everyone is an individual. I want to keep evolving and growing as an artist, with my style developing all the time.